DreamWalkers: On-Line collaboration project

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Aliceleonz: Vocal, Lyrics

Raul Rodriguez. Jr: Vocal, Drums, Percussions, Mix & Mastering Advisor

Ronggowisnu: Guitar, Synth, Keyboard, Mix & Mastering, Composer, Arranger

Ari Lepistö : Bass, Mix & Mastering Advisor

After some years music break, Ron and Alice start over their music , one of their biggest dream,  They used to play music and performed in many music events before their married, in their country Indonesia,  and after that they  only work their music for  making electronic media commercial,  and after almost 10 years break for their music, they decide to start over to continue the journey of their dream.

Ronggo used to be a piano player, and he switch into guitar, he used to teach Jazz Piano for some time, but the basic of his instrument that he learn the 1st time is guitar, and on year 2011 he choose to play guitar as his main instrument.

Aliceleonz  start to sing since she was very young, she take a lesson on Opera Seriö as her basic education for her vocal,  she start singing as a gospel singer, and she used to performed single or with her choir, she  use to sing at some vocal festival in her country, after finally she joined with Ronggo’s Band and take the position as a lead vocal, in the band which used to play jazz, fusion, funk, she feel that she need to take another vocal lesson, and she take a jazz vocal course with one of the greatest Jazz singer from Indonesia,  she also performed in some local even, and festival, and also being a vocal teacher.

After their music break, they start to explore and meet lot’s of musician friend all over the world, who they collaborate with, and after some projects they  feel some connection with one of their collaboration friend Raul Rodriguez.Jr,  A man with a very wonderful multi talent, who already being in music for 30 years , and run his business in Music recording in Miami Florida ,US, and  Raul feel the same feeling and thought , that they connected in everyway, they have the same vision, same taste of music and also the same dream, and that’s when They decide to united in one music project call Dreamwalkers Project to make their own music, and make their dream come true.

On their way of making their 1st album, they feel some missing pieces, and their choice fall into Ari Lepistö from Pietarsaari Finland, Alice have done some music projects, and Ronggo and Raul start to invite him to join one of Dreamwalkers’ s song and no other bass player play with the same feeling like what they have except Ari, and they when they talk about Dreamwalkers project with Ari, he give a very great feedback that he would love to be part of the project, and that’s the beginning of Dreamwalkers project Journey.

Dreamwalkers Project play many kind of music, Jazz, easy listening, Adult contemporary, Rock, world music, and every music they love.

And now their still in process on making their 1st album, and they’re not only work together in virtual band, but they also will do in real band after everything with their 1st cd is set up.

Listen To “Catch Your Dream”

[audio:http://www.quadriproject.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Catch-Your-Dream-Master.mp3|titles=Catch Your Dream (Master)]


Here’s the new video:

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