Nuovo lavoro per i KISMET: “Shades Of Clarity”


Esce il nuovo album dei Kismet, disponibile in europa via Dust on the tracks records in versione digitale e in formato digipack.

KISMET Shades Of Clarity COVER 12x12_Klein


01 „Cobweb“
02 „Stay Alive”
03 „Clarity”
04 „Aeternal Blame“
05 „Happy Road“
06 „Carry Me Down“
07 „Time“
08 „Quit“
09 “Lonely Place”
10 “Fill The Vacuum“
11 “Holy Words & Pain”

Per i fans italiani il disco può essere acquistato su Amazon.it al seguente link http://bit.ly/cdSoCamazonit

WEB: http://www.kismetband.com

KISMET Presentation_Kismet - Shades of Clarity

KISMET – “Shades Of Clarity”

“Shades Of Clarity” is KISMET’s follow-up to their highly recommended debut “Trudging Your Soul”. The album is more than a solid effort, it’s well written, it’s polished both in terms of vocals and instrumentals and it still has the youthful exuberance or rawness of youth and young manhood or musicianship. The songs are pretty catchy and well-produced. The album successfully combines their early Grunge rootsy sound with modern elements of Alternative Rock, Metal and Psychedelic. The eclectic voice of Albert Eno really makes the melody of the songs stay together. Great music, introspective sound for stereo listeners. If you are not so into Kings of Leon anymore, you should definitely give it a try!

KISMET Bandpic (II)