Alice & Björn – Swinging With The Boys

Alice & Björn: Swing Jazz


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Swinging With The Boys is the debut CD from Indonesian-Swedish artist duo Aliceleonz
and Björn Pehrson.

Alice & Björn write and perform classic swing jazz songs with a very traditional sound and
very strong original material that brings back the feeling of all the great jazz classics of the
1940ies and 1950ies. In their own words ”this kind of music is – sadly – not written

The music is characterized by Alice’s unique and very strong vocal performance,
reminding us of such great artists as Ella Fitzgerald, together with Björn’s instinctive feel
for classic jazz melodies and harmonies
All musicians on the CD are hand picked from around the world; Sweden, Indonesia,
Argentina, Italy, France and the USA. Alice & Björn have recruited the best musicians in
the world, regardless of geographical location.

The production of the CD started with online collaboration at www.kompoz.com, including
the production of promotional music videos, which may be a first in the jazz genre.
The CD has met very positive reactions, both at the release party held in Manila,
Philippines and on Alice & Björn’s Facebook and ReverbNation pages.
Alice & Björn are currently finalising their second CD release – ”Jumpin’”, scheduled for
release in the summer of 2012.