The Condition

Twenty-four people from different countries

Picture this, twenty-four people from different countries, who have never met, never spoke to each other, and would probably never recognize each other if they crossed paths!! What could they possibly have in common? Talent!! A love for music, and the desire to create and let the people know you can dream and yes, dreams can come true.

“The Condition” by Darlene P.

They came together on a collaboration site called Kompoz.com created by Raf Fiol of Miami. It’s a place where musicians from all over the world gather to make music. Some of the members are just weekend warriors, and some well established musicians. Regardless of your experience, it’s the place for music.
Steve Gardner, a native of the Boston area is a well know member and goes by the name of “sanger”. Why? Because he’s a singer with an “attitude”, a great attitude, who has rock many bands in the 80’s and 90’s on the local music scene. Now as the lead singer of “The Condition” he’s changed is tune a little to the delight of many of his fans. Yes, he’s singing love songs, or as he likes to call them, “sappy love songs”, but there is nothing sappy about these. Listen to “All My Yesterdays” one of the cuts on their latest collection, and you’ll be hooked. Not only does he do the vocals, he also writes the lyrics. Along with Steve, we have Gabe, Eshan, Mauro, Craig, grumpy, Emmett, Rolling Thunder, JWoo,and on the list goes. If you check out their fan page on www.reverbnation,com/TheCondition you can find the complete list of names of this super talented group.

The Condition’s first collection of tunes is called “A World Apart” , very well titled since this amazing group is a world apart. All the tracks recorded for this albumn has been done through technology. Not studio sessions or rehearsals for these guys. Each and every track, guitar, drums, vocals, bass are all recorded separately and uploaded to the site. The games begin when they are then mixed together and voila a song is created. Amazing!! The guitars coming in from Italy, the USA, Germany, and so are the drums and other instruments. Now I understand why they call FrequentC the “mad scientist” since he has the pleasure of putting this all together.
This is one “condition” you don’t have to see a doctor for! Just put on your headphones, grab a glass of wine or a beer, and sit back and enjoy. You have got to hear them, so what are you waiting for!! Check the music out on soundcloud.com The-Conditon, or Reverbnation.com/TheCondition, and stop by Kompoz.com to see how it happens.


Listen To “All my Yesterdays” [audio:http://www.quadriproject.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/All-My-Yesterdays.mp3|titles=All My Yesterdays]